Top 10 Things To Do In Auli, Uttarakhand: My Best Skiing Experience

Auli is a popular hill station situated in the Chamoli district, in Uttarakhand, India. Auli is known to be a popular tourist destination in the meadows of the Gharwal Himalayas. It is located at an elevation of 2,800 meters above sea level. Circled by snow-peaked mountains Auli is one of the most beautiful scenic locations in India.

Not only beautiful views of snow-capped mountains but also Auli offers many unique adventure sports and joyful rides. Auli is a popular destination for Skiing and Hiking surrounded by Coniferous and Oak forests. From July to October, the meadows see as many as over 500 species of endangered flowering plants bloom. So, let’s see how we can plan a trip to Auli and make a list of the top 10 things to do in Auli.

Best time to visit

You can visit Auli in two separate seasons, June-October and December-February. And both these seasons have their reasons for beauty. From June to October, you will be able to enjoy the lush green meadows with small flowering plants and Oak trees. Though if you want to enjoy snow-covered Auli you must plan your trip from December end to February. During January, you can also enjoy heavy snowfall if you are lucky. Visiting during the winter season also has some other benefits which we will discuss later.

How to reach

As Auli is situated at a very high altitude it is difficult to find a nearby railway station or Airport. So, the only way you can travel to Auli is by car.

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which is about 270 kilometers from Auli and it takes around 9-10 hours by Car.

The nearest International Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi which is around 500 kilometers from Auli. You cannot travel to Auli in a day if you are coming from Delhi Airport. So, it is recommended to take a halt in Rishikesh for a day and start for Auli from Rishikesh.

Nearest Railway Station

The nearest railway station is the Rishikesh Railway station situated at 250 kilometers distance from Auli. Takes around 8-9 hours by car to reach Joshimath, near Auli.

The recommended way to reach

The best possible way to reach Auli is by car from Rishikesh. It should take you around 9-10 hours by road depending on the road situation. If you are coming from Delhi, I would recommend you to have a stay at Rishikesh and on the next day start Auli. Or if you are coming via Dehradun airport you can take a car from there which would also take the almost same time.

If you are traveling from Rishikesh try to start as early as possible in the morning at around 4 or 5 A.M. Because you should try to reach Joshimath before 1 or 2 P.M. From Joshimath, the best way to reach Auli is via the Cable car or Ropeway. This would not only save you time but also you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view around Auli from the very top. Or you can take a car from Joshimath to reach your hotel in Auli.

Pro Tip: If you are planning to go by road from Joshimath to Auli, please hire a car from Joshimath or take help from your hotel. It is recommended to leave the car that you traveled to Joshimath. If the roads are full of snow it will be risky and local drivers are much more adept to handle situations like that.

Transportation cost

Car rental cost from Rishikesh to Joshimath- 3000- 4000 INR (varies depending on car type and season)

Ropeway/ Cable car cost- 1000 per person (roundtrip)

Total one-way transport cost- 1100- 1300 INR

Where to stay

In Auli, you will not find many great options to stay at cheap rates. You can stay there either in hotels or adventure camps in a tent. If you stay in hotels it should cost you around 3000-4000 per night for two people.

Cost of stay- 2000-2500 night/ person

Recommended stay: I would like to recommend you Auli Ski Resort, maintained by GMVN( Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, by Uttarakhand Government) for your stay in Auli. This hotel is the largest resort in Auli and is situated at the center of the Auli hill station. It would probably cost you a few bucks more but believe me your stay will be worth it.

Reasons to stay at Auli Ski Resort-

  1. Auli chair car is located just at the top of Auli Ski resort. You can reach it easily just by climbing the staircase.
  2. Ski location- Auli ski destination is just on the upside of the resort.
  3. 24*7 geyser, room heater facilities, and other essential amenities are available easily.
  4. Great view from the hotel. Being situated at the most prime location you can get the best view of snow-capped mountains from your window.

You can book your stay from GMVN’s website here.

You can also choose to stay in camps, but in winter when the temperature drops you may find it difficult. So, plan your stay accordingly. Also, try to plan your hotel nearby Auli Ski Resort which will save you time and transport cost of sightseeing.


Food is available at your hotel only. At the high altitude of Auli, you won’t find any restaurants outside hotels. You will only find small eateries or snacks joint that will serve you Maggi, biscuits, chips, etc. 

At the restaurant, you won’t find many great options for non-veg dishes. You will find good veg items to savor.

Per person- 500/ day (approximately)

Now as we have sorted out the plan for fooding, lodging, and transportation let’s check out the top 10 things to do in Auli that will make your trip memorable.

Top 10 things to do in Auli

1. Auli Ropeway

Auli Ropeway or cable car is one of the major attractions of Auli. It is the second-highest and largest ropeway in Asia after Gulmarg, in Kashmir. This ropeway joins Auli and Joshimath via cable cars covering almost 4 kilometers of distance. A ride of the Auli ropeway offers the best scenic beauty of the Garhwal Himalaya’s meadows from a height of 3010 meters. You just would not want to miss out on this amazing experience.

Location– Joshimath to Auli

Distance– 4.4 KMS

Travel Time– 24 min

Price– 1000/ person (round trip)

When to visit– As mentioned earlier, it is best to have a ride on the ropeway while going from Joshimath to Auli at the time of your arrival at Auli. You can get in the cable car with your luggage. And while getting back you can come back to Joshimath on that same ticket. That will save you time and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from the ropeway.

How to book tickets for Auli Ropeway online?

You can book the tickets online from the official website of GMVN. There is a fixed schedule for the operating times of Ropeway.

Please book your tickets at Auli Ropeway Booking, GMVN, Uttarakhand (

Note: It is advisable to book your tickets early.

2. Auli Chair Lift

Auli Chair lift is located near the top of the GMVN Auli Ski resort. It connects the Auli Ropeway to the Auli Ski destination. Auli chair car is stretched 800 meters and connected by poles across the skiing slopes of Auli. These chair cars are used by skiers to go up and down the skiing slopes during skiing tournaments held in Auli. Tourists who are traveling to Auli from Joshimath use it as a good commune to reach the resorts.

Location– Auli Ropeway to Auli Ski Resort

Time– No Fixed time

Distance– 800 meters

Cost– 300 INR person/ side.

Travel Time– 5 minutes

Note: Be prepared for this ride if you are afraid of heights.

3. Skiing

Auli is famous for winter adventure sports in India. You can get the best facilities for skiing and snowboarding in Auli. This place offers one of the best experiences to skiers. It is one of the largest slopes for professional skiing in India alongside Gulmarg. Every year in February skiing competition is held by GMVN where hundreds of professional skiers from all over the globe take part.

Location– Near GMVN Auli

Cost– 800-1000 INR (You can find an attractive deal if you can bargain)

Time– During December- February

What you get– Trainer, skiing equipment

Auli ski-lift is 700 meters long and provides a wonderful experience to tourists from novices to professionals. It will be a memorable experience for you.

4. Snowboarding

Alongside skiing GMVN Auli also offers a snowboarding experience. Like skiing, this is also another winter sport that you will love to do. Though beginners may find it a little bit more difficult than skiing. Snowboarding is also a part of the Winter Olympic Games since 1998.

Location– Near GMVN Auli

Cost– 800-1000 INR (You can find an attractive deal if you can bargain)

Time– During December- February

What you get– Trainer, snowboarding equipment

Auli Skiing slope is used for snowboarding as well. So if you visit GMVN Ski Resort you can enjoy both sports together.

5. Artificial Lake

Auli artificial lake is one of the highest man-made lakes in the world. This lake is used to fill the Auli skiing slope with snow to extend the skiing season in Auli.

Location– On the upper side of the skiing slope of Auli

Time to reach– 15 minutes from Auli Ski Resort GMVN by walking through the ski slopes.

Entry– Free

6. Gorson Bugyal Trek

If you are up for a short trek then you can also do it during your stay in Auli. Gorson Bugyal is a short trek of 3 km from the Auli top. It is a large land of green pastures surrounded by coniferous forest and Oak trees.

Location– near Auli, 3 km uphill from the Auli ski slope top.

Distance– 4.7 km from Auli Ski Resort.

Time taken– varies depending on the season

Best time to visit– During spring

Difficulty– Easy

During spring, it is the best time to do the trek. The meadows are full of greenery and flowering plants. It is also the best time for camping.

During winter, the whole area remains covered with snow, so it becomes difficult to trek. Also, you might get lost on roads through the snow. So, take a local guide if you are visiting.

Pro Tip: You can skip this trek if you are visiting during Jan- Feb. Even if you are going for a trek try to be back before sunset.

7. Joshimath

Joshimath is one of the holy places in the Hindu religion and a significant place for Char Dham Yatra. Though Joshimath is not exactly situated in Auli, it is a place you will visit on your way to Auli.

Joshimath is a town in district Chamoli in Uttarakhand, situated at a height of 1890 meters above sea level near the confluence Vishnuprayag where rivers Alaknanda and Dhauliganga meet. During winter Char Dham yatra Vasudeva temple of Joshimath becomes the winter seat of Lord Badri.

If you are visiting Auli you will go through the town of Joshimath. You can also arrange your stay here and visit Vasudeva temple, and Narsingh temple.

8. Chattrakund

Chattrakund lake is a small crystal water lake surrounded by lush green forest. You can trek to Chattrakund from Auli. This place is famous for its crystal-sweet water.

Location– Near Auli

Distance– 4 km trek from Auli Ski Resort, 3 km from Gorson Bugyol trek

You can visit here if you want to trek and visit a remote place from the crowded Auli slopes.

9. Nanda Devi Peak

Nanda Devi is the second-highest peak in India after Kangchenjunga. It is the highest peak among the peaks that are completely situated in India( Kangchenjunga is on the border of India and Nepal). This peak is 7,816 meters in elevation and is regarded as the patron goddess of the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas.

Nanda Devi’s peak is visible from Auli along with other notable peaks like Hathi, Ghoda, and Palki. You can view the surreal view of sunrise on the snow-covered peak of Nanda Devi. Hope you have a clear sky during your stay. We had to miss out on that absolute beauty due to foggy weather.

You should take help from the locals to know the best viewing spot from Auli.

10. Sunset in Auli

Sunset in Auli in the months of the winter is one of the most beautiful experiences you just would not want to miss out on. The snow-covered peaks under the setting Sun change color like a chameleon. With the Sun setting quickly the temperature in the valley drops rapidly.

And, don’t forget to play with snow until your heart gets filled with full of snow.

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